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March 19, 2004



Well if the FCC is going to start doing this (which obviously they already have) then the people they need to start with are the News Media. They of course do not use the language that is causing so much trouble but......they show pictures of dead people, mutilated people, people shooting at people...should I go on. I mean if language is such a big deal shouldn't pictures be an even bigger deal. People of all ages watch the news so what is going to be done about all of the news broadcasts everyday. I just think that President Bush is causing people (those who are VERY conservative) to cross the line. He is shoving his "so called values" on everyone in this country and he doesn't have the right. A President who sends people to fight in another country under the guise of finding "Weapons of Mass Destruction" when there are no such weapons (have any been found yet?? I don't think so!) is clearly not the person who should be dictating our country's moral values. He should have said that he was trying to finish what his father had started but of course he knew that there was no way that we (as a country) would have gone for that. Anyway, I digress, yes I believe that in some instances people have stepped over the line but we need to apply the same rules to all areas of our society not to just the few.
C.Hill, Florida

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