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August 28, 2003



satisfying mixture of hardcore and post-punk cross pollinated with a whimsical brand of abstract electronica that's deeply nostalgic for bygone eras

warm, confessional neo-Americana with shades of vicious guitar-driven attack laced with Old Crow and Louisiana hot sauce


We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us. Your links are certainly fair and balanced. Reason is thoughtfully libertarian, Business Week is corporate, Hitchens is no longer liberal ( a renegade???), and the war & peace link is an exhausive portal. You are the angry young man of america! Hope you don't lose any more sleep.

Citizen Keith

Well, it was certainly worth the wait. Yes, you must keep your blog up to date. But after a weeklong dry spell, you lay this great entry on us.

It's a great contrast to all the tech blogs... Apple-product programmers, designers, tech gurus, etc. Blogging from the trenches. Keep it up.

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